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Jennifer Coolidge, MA, LPCC 
I am a Licensed Professional Counselor with over 15 years experience working with adults.  My approach to therapy is to take an active role in partnering with my clients to identify the issues that bring them to treatment and the outcome they desire.  Together, we develop an effective treatment strategy.  I rely heavily on Cognitive Behavioral Therapy  & Behavioral Self-Monitoring techniques because they are proven effective.  I also help my clients gain greater insight into the origin of their difficulties when that is helpful for them.  I have a long history of helping people resolve very challenging issues and enjoy seeing my clients emerge from them.

Areas of Specialization

Mood Disorder

Depression, Bipolar Disorder, intense emotions, feeling extremely moody."  I can teach effective techniques to better manage mood.

Personality & Behavior Patterns
Patterns of interpersonal behavior that are self-defeating or that alienate others can wreak havoc on your life.  I can help modify them to create
better relationships.
Severe Mental Health Problems

Schizophrenia, chronic suicidal thinking or suicide attempts, Bipolar Disorder, or any mental health condition that has been very hard to manage.

Problematic use of pornography or the internet, sexual thoughts or urges that are unhealthy or potentially harmful to others.  There are very effective treatments for these issues.
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Infertility Counseling
The process of infertility treatment is emotionally taxing for couples and can be damaging to the relationship.  Individual or couple therapy can help
you get through the process with your emotions and your relationship intact.
Anxiety Disorders
Constant worry, ritualistic behavior that interferes with your day or peace of mind, social anxiety, phobias that interfere with your life.  Behavioral techniques, alone or in combination with medication, are very helpful.
Victims of physical, emotional, or sexual abuse often carry wounds from their experiences throughout their lives.  These wounds can
result in problems in the victims' own lives and relationships.  Seeking help to heal from the abuse can restore emotional peace.
Adult ADHD & impulse control disorders
I teach behavioral techniques that help manage these conditions. They are recommended alone or in combination with medication.
Coping with Mood Disorders Group
Tuesdays 6:00 - 7:00
 Clinical Supervision
     I am an approved supervisor
     through the MN Board of Behavioral
     Health & Therapy.  I can provide
     supervision for the LPC & LPCC


This group is for individuals with mood disorders who have been requested to see a therapist by their doctor or case worker.  The group is tailored for individuals who have trouble keeping scheduled appointments. 


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